26 July 2007

Cu umor. Despre umor

Mai intai si mai intai, yesterday's highlight: Bu poarta ochelari. Hehehehe, are o fata... cum sa spun... e... adica... aaaaaaaa...of... nu pot sa descriu, e teribil pur si simplu, pffff, si ii poarta ca pe un obiect complet strain de persoana lui, stangaci, pe varful nasului, cu o mutra complet nedumerita de ce i se intampla... demential! Bu rocks!!!!

Apoi, se pare ca am un umor dark. Hehe... iaca ce zice la test:

There are some things some people don't even talk about. But you somehow manage to make jokes about them. Your humor type is dark and you never met a topic that was too sacred. It's not that you're twisted (well, maybe a little); you just believe that laughter is the universal healer. There's always room to lighten the mood.

From broken hearts to broken limbs to death itself, you are willing to go where few others dare to venture. Whether you're watching Evil Dead 2 for the 58th time or whipping out another one of your morgue jokes, it's always refreshing for others to catch a glimpse through your cracked lens.

In life you can make your own decisions or let other people make those decisions for you. Being Above The Influence is about staying true to yourself, and not letting people pressure you into being less than you. So be yourself. Or be something less. It's your call.

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