14 May 2007

...si versuri care obsedeaza

Adica versuri care ti se lipesc de suflet si care ies din cand in cand la suprafata, rezonand. Pentru inceput:

"You said you would love me until you die/ And as far as I know you're still alive, baby"
Shakira- Illegal

"If you're leaving close the door/ I'm not expecting people anymore."
Deep Purple- When a blind man cries

"...don't let me go cause all I am/ You hold in your hands, and hold me/ And I'll make it through the night"
WASP- Hold on to my heart

1 comment:

Alina said...

Versurile Shakirei pe care le-ai mentionat au avut acelasi efect si asupra mea. Ma intristeaza de fiecare data, chiar daca nu le asociez cu cineva anume.